Jennifer Hsu

  • B.A. Psychology from the University of California at Berkeley

  • M.A. Education of the Hearing Impaired from Galluadet University in Washington DC

  • Ph.D. Linguistics from the City University of New York

  • Professor, William Paterson University

  • Vice President, Ringwood Friends of Music

  • Chair, Sustainable Ringwood-Green Team

  • Member, Ringwood Creative Team

Jennifer Hsu grew up in California and watched with sadness as beautiful fields and orchards were replaced by track homes and car dealerships. At age 22, she left without regret because the beautiful places that were part of her childhood no longer existed in so many parts of the state. When she left, she longed to find a place with natural beauty reminiscent of the California of her childhood.

In 1974, that search was over.

It was then that Jennifer and her husband discovered Ringwood, a beautiful town with trees, lakes, reservoirs, parks, wildlife, and many hiking trails…and only 40 miles from New York City. Jennifer found what she had been looking for and the decision to move to Ringwood was an easy one that she has never regretted. She feels fortunate that she was able to find Ringwood and to raise her daughter in this beautiful community which offers many activities and opportunities for young children.

Jennifer has 42 years of work experience in the areas of deaf education and higher education: She has been a teacher and language coordinator at Saint Joseph’s School for the Deaf in New York and has been Chairperson and Graduate Coordinator for the Department of Communication Disorders at William Paterson University. She is currently a Professor Emeritus at William Paterson University. As someone who has held leadership positions, Jennifer is comfortable working with people in a leadership role and would bring that experience with her to the Borough of Ringwood Council.

For many years, Jennifer stayed out of local politics for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it was time and place, perhaps it was a calling, but something changed in 2017. The Democratic campaign of Kathy O’Keefe, Ryan Bolton, and Rob Ferretti caught Jennifer’s attention and encouraged her to become more active. She wanted to make sure that what happened to the California of her childhood would not happen to the Ringwood of her adulthood. Encouraged by the successful 2017 Democratic campaign, she would like to help bring more positive change to Ringwood.

For this reason, Jennifer wants to be a part of a municipal government that is committed to maintaining the attractiveness of Ringwood. One of her passions is sustainability. She would like to see a transition to using more renewable energy sources for the Borough of Ringwood. Solar panels, for example, could provide energy to our schools and our municipal buildings. Reducing waste could also reduce costs for taxpayers.

Jennifer has been working with the Green Team to ensure that Ringwood is increasingly sustainable and green. There are grants available to achieve these goals. After obtaining $429,000 in grant funding for the Department of Communication Disorders, she has the experience required to pursue grants for our town.

Jennifer believes that a vibrant arts and cultural program delivers both community well-being and economic vitality. As a result, she is committed to a government that strongly supports the arts. She is currently helping to do this through her participation with the Creative Team and through her volunteer work since 2009 with the Ringwood Friends of Music.

She also wants to be a part of a government that is transparent and responsive to the people. She understands that our shopping areas need to be revitalized, but believes the community should participate in the discussions needed to achieve this goal.  She strongly supports more community input on the important matters facing our town, now and in the future. In addition, to a more responsive government, Jennifer would like to help create a government that is also more responsible. For example, instead of costly litigation fighting the Highlands Act, she thinks the town should be working with the Highlands Council to promote Ringwood’s sustainability and green goals.

Jennifer is asking for your vote so she can work on your behalf to build a better and more secure future for our town.