Kathy O’Keefe
  • B.A. Sociology/Literature, Ramapo College of NJ

  • Licensed N.J. Realtor, 25 years

  • Corporate Coach/Trainer – Mercedes-Benz

  • GSNNJ – Girl Scout Leader

  • Fundraising Coordinator – Lakeland Chorale

  • CLIA Member

Kathy O’Keefe, a Corporate Coach at Mercedes-Benz, has lived in Ringwood for 22 years and has witnessed firsthand a great many changes within the community since she first settled here with her husband, Chris Schwab, and their three daughters. “I believe the Council should work to develop a long-term plan that helps address vacant retail properties and property values that aren’t rebounding as quickly as neighboring communities,” says O’Keefe, who worked in real estate for 12 years before beginning her current position. “I keep hearing about the Highlands Act and how it prevents development, but what about the existing businesses? Why do we have so many empty storefronts? We need to attract new businesses in order to create more jobs for our young people.”

O’Keefe, whose three daughters went through the Ringwood school system, is dedicated to a quality education for our children. “When people buy a home, the local school district is a significant factor in their decision making,” says O’Keefe. “It’s important that the Council supports the Borough’s Board of Education and holds the state of New Jersey accountable when it comes to school funding. The current funding formula under Chris Christie isn’t working. Quality schools shouldn’t equal higher property taxes.”

Working hand in hand with members of the community is a priority of Kathy’s, as she seeks to strengthen the Borough’s relationships with all members of the community. “If elected,” O’Keefe says, “I will keep an open mind, focus on the facts when seeking solutions, and treat all Ringwood citizens with respect.”

Kathy would love to hear from you. If you have questions or would like to discuss the issues that matter most to you, feel free to email her at kathy@ringdems.org.