Paula Tedesco

  • Master’s Degrees Pace University and CUNY Hunter

  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner/Psychotherapist

  • Passaic County Mental Health Board

  • Chair, Local Advisory Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (LACADA)

  • Chair, Ringwood Stigma-Free Task Force

Tired of the suburban sprawl and fast-paced life common in Bergen County, Paula Tedesco sought a more peaceful and serene place to call home. She found that place when she discovered nearby Ringwood. She and her husband traded their Bergen County “life in the fast lane” for the Ringwood “life at the lake” when they purchased a home in Erskine in 2011. 

Paula spent over 40 years working as a psychiatric nurse, spending the last ten years as a nurse practitioner for NewBridge Services in Morris, Passaic, and Sussex counties. Although now retired from full-time employment, she continues to volunteer her services at a clinic for the underinsured. In her professional career, she has chaired many committees and has held office in nursing organizations on the local, state, and national level. 

With her background in psychiatry and therapy, Paula is a listener. She wants to hear how people feel and what they want. If elected, she promises to bring this inclination to listen with her to the council. And, she is a doer. 

Paula got her first taste of politics at age ten. While in the fifth grade, her class ran the school-wide election between Kennedy and Nixon. She was on the Kennedy campaign and they won! From that day until this, she has continued to support Democratic candidates and ideals. 

Speaking of supporting Democratic candidates, in 2017 Paula’s passion for local politics was ignited by the campaign of the three Democrats who sought, and ultimately won, seats on the Ringwood Borough Council. The issues they fought for resonated with her and she decided to help their campaign and applauds what they have been able to accomplish since being sworn into office. 

Their campaign also inspired Paula to become more involved in the community. She became an active member of Sustainable Ringwood (Green and Creative Teams) and assisted in their effort to achieve bronze certification for the borough. Paula was also appointed to the Juvenile Detention Advisory Committee in January 2019. Earlier this year, Paula presented a resolution to the council in which she proposed launching a Stigma-Free campaign in Ringwood. As Chair of the Stigma-Free Task Force, Paula was instrumental in helping the town secure a $7,000 grant from Atlantic Health. 

In addition to mental health issues, Paula believes that environmental health issues should be one of our top priorities. One such environmental health issue is the quality of our drinking water. If elected, she will push for increased water testing to ensure the quality of our water supply conforms to the highest standards possible to guarantee safe drinking water now and for future generations. 

Paula also feels the health of our lakes is of the utmost importance. Multiple environmental and development grants have been available through the Highlands Council for years and she thinks Ringwood should take advantage of these. She will work tirelessly with the Environmental Commission, the Economic Development Commission, and the Green Team to apply for funding that could benefit Ringwood’s lakes and its sustainability.

As councilwoman, Paula will work to support creative and proactive environmental and economic development initiatives. One such initiative is to make Ringwood more business-friendly. With more attractive shopping and services, she feels citizens will be more inclined to spend money in town as opposed to shopping in neighboring towns. Ringwood will become a vibrant community where people will want to stop, shop, and play, taking advantage of bike trails, hiking, water sports, and the arts –  instead of just passing through.

Paula believes the future is now for Ringwood! With your support, she would like to make a change for the better with her progressive ideas, creativity, and passion for getting the job done.