Rob Ferretti
  • B.A. Environmental Studies, Ramapo College

  • Licensed N.J. Realtor

  • Ringwood Rec / Rovers Coach

  • Ringwood C.A.R.E.S. Volunteer

  • Friend of the New Weis Center

  • ELPOA Member

“The health and welfare of our community and the respect and sustainability of our natural environment should be the priority of the Ringwood Borough Council,” says Rob Ferretti, a Ringwood resident of 11 years. Ferretti holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Ramapo College, which is where he first discovered Ringwood. “I studied and visited Ringwood while at Ramapo and immediately fell in love. Two years after graduating, my wife and I bought a home here to raise our family,” says Ferretti, a stay-at-home father of four. As a stay-at-home dad and coach, Ferretti feels certain that he has the pulse of Ringwood residents. “While others are out of town 8+ hours a day, I am at the bus stop in the morning, at the soccer field on weekends, and at Erskine Lake in the summer,” Ferretti says. “I know what issues are important to my neighbors and plan on being their voice on the Council.”

Like Bolton, Ferretti is an active member of Ringwood C.A.R.E.S. The current council’s controversial plan to build a recycling center on top of the Ringwood Superfund site, thus ignoring the EPA’s recommendation, led Ferretti to become more involved in local politics. Ferretti advocates for monthly testing of all municipal wells to ensure the safety of our water system. “If elected, I would like to protect, promote, and hopefully allow the Borough to profit from Ringwood’s most readily accessible resources – open space and natural beauty,” says Ferretti. A licensed NJ real estate agent, Ferretti is also interested in exploring innovative ways to increase Ringwood’s stagnant property values.

Rob would love to hear from you. If you have questions or would like to discuss the issues that matter most to you, feel free to email him at